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Remember Lindsay & John? Their wedding was so big that we had to break it out into two blogs. Remember?

Well, it was also so big and so fabulous that it, along with Lifestyle Photography’s photos, was featured in WV Weddings: West Virginia’s Premier Wedding Resource. EEEK!!

Be sure to check out the spread in WV Weddings, currently on newsstands.

Also, visit the magazine website in May, since John & Lindsay’s wedding has been chosen for an exclusive online feature! Lastly, Lifestyle Photography still has a few spots open for 2013, and we’re already booking for 2014. Tell your friends! Who knows; maybe you’ll find yourself in a magazine too!

Lifestyle Photography | WV Weddings Magazine Spread


Stephanie + Nicholas | Lexington Wedding

You’ll remember Steph and Nick from their engagement a while back. Well, they tied the knot, and it’s finally on the blog!

These two had a gorgeous, intimate wedding at House Mountain Inn. They were glowing, as always, and just excited to finally become husband and wife. And they couldn’t have picked a better day to get married because, even though it was a bit rainy to start off, the clouds made for some beautiful lighting! Granted, this couple is so beautiful that it didn’t take much to show them off, but the stormy background sure added a sweet effect.

















































Ashley + Andy | Lexington Wedding

Meet Andy and Ashley. They’re a super sweet couple who simply mesh together. It was a joy for us to watch the way they looked at each other and simply enjoyed each other throughout their Big Day, which, incidentally, was absolutely perfect and beautiful! But don’t take my word for it; check out the photos below!!

Andy and Ashley, we wish you nothing but the best in your marriage! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your wedding day!










































Andy and Ashley decided to utilize the photo booth that Kevin and I offer, and that (in my unbiased opinion) was a fantastic decision. The guests were lined up to get their shot in the booth. Here’s a small sampling of the zany guests Ashley and Andy had at their wedding. They have some fun, fantastic friends!!






Lindsay + John | West Virginia Wedding | Part 2

You caught a glimpse of the first part of their wedding on Tuesday. As promised, here’s the second post of their fun, fabulous, reception! I have to mention, also, that this couple’s wedding party was fantastic. I mean, we’ve never had a bad wedding party, but when the bridesmaids and groomsmen are super accommodating to everyone involved in the day, it makes a world of difference in the atmosphere and flawlessness of the wedding! Thanks to all of you. You’re amazing!

Take special note of the photo booth further down in the post. Everyone loved the crazy props (some provided by Lifestyle Photography and some provided by John and Lindz), and it was a HUGE HIT! It’s part of the package Lifestyle offers to all brides and grooms, so contact us, if your interested in what we’ll offer you for your wedding!

Lindsay + John | West Virginia Wedding | Part 1

Confession: I’ve never wanted to live in West Virginia, but if you could guarantee that John and Lindsay would be my next door neighbors, I’d move there in a heartbeat.

He didn’t take his eyes off of her. The whole day. Made sure she was safe. Taken care of.

She lit up the room. All day. Every place she went. The most beautiful woman in the room. John knew it from the moment he met her, and on their wedding day, no one could deny anything different.

They’re possibly one of the most down-to-earth, genuine couples I’ve ever met. Neither of them has ever met a stranger, and they’re constantly thinking of everyone’s needs above their own. That’s true beauty.

When you get a chance, make sure you check out their engagement photos. Until then, enjoy part one of their gorgeous wedding day, and click here to view part two of John & Lindsay’s wedding day!!

John and Lindsay opted for the First Look, which Kevin and I are BIG FANS OF! It helps the day run super smooth — once the ceremony ends, there’s a flawless flow from one party to the next with no disruptions in between. Friends and family appreciate getting the photos done beforehand so they can enjoy the party, and the bride and groom are less stressed to get those “must-have” photos early in the day so they can let loose after the ceremony, as well. We HIGHLY recommend seeing each other before the ceremony. I can’t speak highly enough of the First Look.

As a side note: Kevin and I strive to make the First Look special for each couple. Lindsay and John knew what location they wanted, and their moms each wanted to be a part of this time, as well. See their kids during this special moment. This is a very close family, and John and Lindz wanted their First Look to be kept within their family. We honored that and contributed to that intimate moment, as well. We’ll help plan something special and specific to you, as as a couple, too.

Venue, Ceremony and Reception: Swift Level Farms
Wedding Coordinator: Rece Burns, of Swift Level Farms (who, by the way, was AMAZING to work with!)
Florist: Gillespie’s Flowers
Caterer: Bridge Road Bistro
Cake Artist: Kathy King & Belinda Bostic at Edgarton Cafe & Bakery
Makeup Artist: Brittany
Hair Stylist: Maxx Gwinn
Bride’s Dress: Watters-Style Cabo dress from Mecklenburg Bridal
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Donna Lawhorn from Bridal Central in Princeton, WV. She also supplied the bride’s dyed shoes, handmade garter, basket lining for the flower girl, and the ring bearer’s tie.
Men’s Suits: Macy’s
Ceremony and Reception Rental Items: Central Virginia Rentals
Reception Decorations: Tia and Fay Bauman, of Swift Level Farms
Band: The Jarmovers

Kara + Tim | Lexington Wedding | Part 2

As promised, here’s the second post for Kara and Tim’s wedding! We got so many beautiful photos of Kara and Tim around Lexington, and this reception had so much detail that I had to give it its own post!

If you missed part 1 of Kara and Tim’s wedding, click here to check it out!

And, of course, Kara and Tim couldn’t pass up the opportunity to crash the Rockbridge County High School Prom!

Kara + Tim | Lexington Wedding | Part 1

Kara and Tim are well known and well loved on our quaint town. And when I say well loved, I mean well loved! Which you’ll be able to see from their wedding.

It was beautiful, gorgeous, a big!

Again I say, well loved, my friends.

And they just adore each other! It’s rare to find two people who are so in sync with one another. When they talk about each other, their words are full of love and respect, and their eyes sparkle. These two are fun-loving, possibly a bit mischievous — the same way Bug Bunny is a little bit mischievous — but whatever they get into, they’re in it together.

Enjoy part 1 of Kara & Tim’s wedding photos, and stay tuned for part 2, coming this Thursday!

A quick snapshot of the bride with Kevin!

Did I mention these two are a bit mischievous? I should have also mentioned that they’re hams, too!

Garrett + Elizabeth | Lexington Wedding

You’ll recall their engagement photos, and now their Big Day finally arrived. Garret & Elizabeth have officially tied the knot!

The wedding was gorgeous, as you’re about to find out. Bright, bold, and amazingly fun! Some accessories and colors were inspired by Elizabeth’s favorite movie: The Wizard of Oz. It was simply perfection.
She looked beautiful.
Garrett looked as handsome as ever.
But the first moment they laid eyes on each other that day was the moment they really began to sparkle.

Elizabeth and Garrett opted for the First Look, only Garrett didn’t know anything about that decision! Elizabeth surprised him during his portrait time, and you can see the build-up, excitement, and other mix of emotions all over their faces. Priceless.

Since Garrett & Elizabeth chose Lifestyle Photography, they received, as part of their package, a photo booth! It’s a HUGE crowd-pleaser. At the last few weddings we’ve done, people started showing up to get their picture taken long before the bride and groom even enter the reception! Seriously. It’s that amazing.

See something from their wedding you love? Here’s a list of Elizabeth & Garrett’s vendors:

Wedding Location: Lee Chapel, Washington & Lee University
Reception Venue: Evans Hall, Washington & Lee University
Wedding Coordinator: Barb Mollica
Florist: University Florist, Carolyn Tolley
Caterer: Washington & Lee University Caterer
Cake Artist: Ann Switzer Cakes
Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist: Encore Salon
Bridal Gown & Bridesmaids Dresses: Brides and Grooms
Men’s Suits: Men’s Warehouse
Ceremony Music: Lexington Brass Quintet
Reception Band: 10 Spot Band

Steph + Nick | Lexington Engagement

Meet Steph and Nick.
They met in law school because, yep. They’re both lawyers. Which I think is pretty sweet. I have to brag on their engagement story, though, because it’s FANTASTIC! They got engaged in Paris.
What?!? It’s like a movie!

They’ve been together for a really long time (6 years, I think?!?!). They’re down to earth, relaxed, super photogenic, and they just mesh really well together. I’d simply say that they’re meant for each other, and I think they way they look at each other proves it. Congratulations, Steph and Nick! You’re both just amazing. Kevin and I can’t wait to photograph your wedding in September!

If you’re having a bad day, just find Steph and get her laughing. It’s easy to do and is really contagious!

Elizabeth + Garrett | Lexington Engagement

Hello! And welcome to Lifestyle Photography’s website and blog! For those of you just joining us, we are Kevin Remington and Sarah Brown. Two creative, professional photographers who have decided to ban together to offer you, Brides and Grooms, the best photography package in town. Our town and yours. Promise.

Part of our wedding package is an engagement shoot. It’s designed for you to take a break during this busy season of wedding planning, breathe, and enjoy … each other.

The first couple to book Lifestyle Photography and opt for the engagement shoot (versus the bridal shoot), are Elizabeth and Garrett. Two beautiful people, on the inside and out (have you seen her hair?!?! I’m jealous.)

Elizabeth and Garrett both went to college here in Lexington, but they never actually met until after they had graduated and found jobs.
Here, in Lexington.
I think not.

They’re ideal together. Athletic. Fit. Into sports. Loving small-town life. And in love with each other. With their two dogs by their sides, they’re ready to take on life together! And, best of all, they simply glow in front of the camera. We’re pumped to photograph them next year at their wedding. I don’t know how they could be any more perfect, beautiful, or handsome than they were at the engagement shoot, but with them, I’m sure impossible things can happen.

Elizabeth and Garrett, we wish you nothing but the best. Happy engagement, and enjoy your wedding planning!

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