Elizabeth + Garrett | Lexington Engagement

Hello! And welcome to Lifestyle Photography’s website and blog! For those of you just joining us, we are Kevin Remington and Sarah Brown. Two creative, professional photographers who have decided to ban together to offer you, Brides and Grooms, the best photography package in town. Our town and yours. Promise.

Part of our wedding package is an engagement shoot. It’s designed for you to take a break during this busy season of wedding planning, breathe, and enjoy … each other.

The first couple to book Lifestyle Photography and opt for the engagement shoot (versus the bridal shoot), are Elizabeth and Garrett. Two beautiful people, on the inside and out (have you seen her hair?!?! I’m jealous.)

Elizabeth and Garrett both went to college here in Lexington, but they never actually met until after they had graduated and found jobs.
Here, in Lexington.
I think not.

They’re ideal together. Athletic. Fit. Into sports. Loving small-town life. And in love with each other. With their two dogs by their sides, they’re ready to take on life together! And, best of all, they simply glow in front of the camera. We’re pumped to photograph them next year at their wedding. I don’t know how they could be any more perfect, beautiful, or handsome than they were at the engagement shoot, but with them, I’m sure impossible things can happen.

Elizabeth and Garrett, we wish you nothing but the best. Happy engagement, and enjoy your wedding planning!


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