Kara + Tim | Lexington Wedding | Part 1

Kara and Tim are well known and well loved on our quaint town. And when I say well loved, I mean well loved! Which you’ll be able to see from their wedding.

It was beautiful, gorgeous, a big!

Again I say, well loved, my friends.

And they just adore each other! It’s rare to find two people who are so in sync with one another. When they talk about each other, their words are full of love and respect, and their eyes sparkle. These two are fun-loving, possibly a bit mischievous — the same way Bug Bunny is a little bit mischievous — but whatever they get into, they’re in it together.

Enjoy part 1 of Kara & Tim’s wedding photos, and stay tuned for part 2, coming this Thursday!

A quick snapshot of the bride with Kevin!

Did I mention these two are a bit mischievous? I should have also mentioned that they’re hams, too!


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