Lindsay + John | West Virginia Wedding | Part 2

You caught a glimpse of the first part of their wedding on Tuesday. As promised, here’s the second post of their fun, fabulous, reception! I have to mention, also, that this couple’s wedding party was fantastic. I mean, we’ve never had a bad wedding party, but when the bridesmaids and groomsmen are super accommodating to everyone involved in the day, it makes a world of difference in the atmosphere and flawlessness of the wedding! Thanks to all of you. You’re amazing!

Take special note of the photo booth further down in the post. Everyone loved the crazy props (some provided by Lifestyle Photography and some provided by John and Lindz), and it was a HUGE HIT! It’s part of the package Lifestyle offers to all brides and grooms, so contact us, if your interested in what we’ll offer you for your wedding!


3 thoughts on “Lindsay + John | West Virginia Wedding | Part 2

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    There isn’t a Fresh Food Thursday today, and with the holidays around the corner, they might not be quite as consistent as they have been over the last few months. Sorry, Friends. Life is simply getting the better of me these days.

    BUT I wanted to remind all my readers that the vast majority of wedding posts will no longer be displayed on Brown Photography’s website. They’ll be here.

    Lifestyle Photography:
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    Why? Because when brides want one of us, they get two of us. Professionals. They love it. We love it. And once you find something that works, you keep it. So check out part two of John and Lindsay’s Wedding, but be sure to go back a few posts for more weddings and engagement posts.

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