Steph + Nick | Lexington Engagement

Meet Steph and Nick.
They met in law school because, yep. They’re both lawyers. Which I think is pretty sweet. I have to brag on their engagement story, though, because it’s FANTASTIC! They got engaged in Paris.
What?!? It’s like a movie!

They’ve been together for a really long time (6 years, I think?!?!). They’re down to earth, relaxed, super photogenic, and they just mesh really well together. I’d simply say that they’re meant for each other, and I think they way they look at each other proves it. Congratulations, Steph and Nick! You’re both just amazing. Kevin and I can’t wait to photograph your wedding in September!

If you’re having a bad day, just find Steph and get her laughing. It’s easy to do and is really contagious!


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